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Digital Syllabus

Funkaar Institute Digital Syllabus Features

  1. Project Scenario 1, 2, 3 and 4 Documents

  2. Discrete Exam Questions with simple Correct Answer Key

  3. Project Scenario Questions with simple Correct Answer Key

  4. Exam Specific Up-to-Date Exam Category

  5. Reference Tab

  6. On-Screen Calculator

  7. Exam Timer

  8. Table of Contents by Exam Category

  9. Page Index [Navigate by Page#]

  10. Word Index [Navigate by Word]

  11. Search Bar

  12. Navigate by Button (Next / Previous)

  13. Code Tables, Charts, and Exerpts

  14. Answer Priority Lists




Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. 2021 or later students may purchase syllabus only for the divisions attended. 
    Syllabus purchase is NOT open to any other students or the public.
    NO Exceptions. 

  2. Digital syllabus is non-refundable or transferable after access is emailed regardless of actual login or use.

  3. Minimum 5% non-refundable processing fee is charged for all purchases.

    Mandatory Check-In Required

  4. Complete Payment. Then wait for login email.

  5. Digital Syllabus is not intended to replace classes but is supplemental exam preparation in addition to our classes.

  6. Syllabus Access is valid for 30-calendar days from start time regardless of use. We have a 'use it or loose it' policy.

By registering online, you are accepting Funkaar TERMS & CONDITIONS. Many Funkaar services have a 'use-it or loose-it' policy. 

California Supplemental Examination | 160-Pages | $225 

Must be purchased within 90-days post-class or prior to private tutoring

Proj Scenario 1

Proj Scenario 2

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Category 4

Category 5

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