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Past Courses
[2017 to Current]


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Architect READY In-Person Course

72-hrs of Instruction

Funkaar Institute offers the nation's only in-person course held in NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, and throughout the nation. The course offers a step-by-step approach for exam preparation. Sessions are sequenced in a progressive manner to guide students in the testing process. This course is ideal for students seeking steady guidance in passing the exams. Lectures are typically held in 6-hr increments. Lectures cover key exam content, approach, and answering strategies. Classes meet online over 12-weekend days spanning over 3-months. Each class is aligned directly with dedicated portions of the 5.0 national state licensing exams. Students are provided access to online course syllabus and reference material for an allocated number of days. Online instruction is not included. Lectures are note intensive, where students actively take notes similar to a traditional classroom environment. With this method, students can walk away with quantifiable education within a set of lecture notes based around a series of line items covering key ARE content. This note taking process promotes student classroom participation and aides in memorization of content for exam preparation. Aside from intense lecture on exam content, students are additionally provided a daily study routine, in-class mock exam questions and a recommended time line to take the exams concurrently with the course. Our recommended time-line for testing encourages concurrently taking the ARE throughout course duration. A daily study routine for each division is assigned in class for 2-hours of home study each day after class. Students should plan to take an exam division after attending last class for each division. 

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