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Architect READYFAST  Military Course 

Funkaar Institute Architect READYFAST Military Course is ideal for the US Military Training. We support and honor our armed forces by providing disciplined and orderly education that you seek. Call us to schedule a course on your base. Over the past 14-years, Funkaar has taught on several military bases. It intense fast paced course is designed for students traveling from out of town or those with limited time for testing.


The course is typically taught over one week but can be customized for any time frame you need.. The course content is identical to the 4-month course but class time for some divisions may be condensed. Lectures are note intensive, where students actively take notes similar to a traditional classroom environment. With this method, students can walk away with quantifiable education within a set of lecture notes based around a series of line items covering key ARE content. This note taking process promotes student classroom participation and aides in memorization of content for exam preparation. Aside from intense lecture on exam content, students are additionally provided a Study Methodology with Syllabus, exam breakdown, daily study routine, in-class mock exam questions and a recommended time line to take the exams concurrently with the course. Our recommended time-line for testing encourages taking the ARE upon course conclusion over a 4-month post course period. A daily study routine for each division is provided in class for 3-hours of home study each day after class. 

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