Funkaar Institute online mock exams use Google platform and do not require software installation. A Gmail email account is required to login to the mock exams. Mock exams are scored automatically upon completion and an explanation is visible for most questions. Funkaar Institute Online Mocks are multiple choice only. Question are formatted as single select or multiple select questions types.

  1. Check System Requirements

  2. Obtain a Gmail Account.

  3. Login is emailed within 24-hours of purchase.

  4. Join as a Funkaar site member

  5. Exam grades are posted within 24-hrs of submission.

  6. Review answer explanations for incorrect responses only. 

  7. Mock Exams are not intended to be instructional or replace classes. They are considered a supplement to exam preparation.

  8. Mock Exams are valid for two tries within 7-calendar days from payment regardless of use. We have a 'use it or loose it' policy.

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