Terms & Conditions



By registering online, customers are accepting Funkaar Institute Terms & Conditions. Please read these carefully before registration. Customer payment for class serves as an electronic signature  to Funkaar Institute Policies stated herein. 

Violation of these policies may result in being dropped from the course. Policies are subject to change without notice prior to registration. All policy administration issues are processed through Funkaar Institute, Inc headquarters in Sacramento, California. All policy related requests should be emailed to registrar@funkaarinstitute.com.

This agreement is between customer or attendee ‘Student' and Funkaar Institute Inc ‘Funkaar’ for enrollment 'Registration' of nontangible services or tangible goods. 


  1. ALL registration are processed on-line. Exception apply to international students and on a case-by-case basis. Checks are accepted for Corporate and On-sites classes only.

  2. Your PayPal payment receipt is proof of your registration, please bring this to each class

  3. You must make full payment prior to attending any Funkaar classes. Partial payment or promise to pay is not acceptable.

  4. Course registrations include in-class instruction and handouts ONLY.

  5. Tuition does NOT include out-of-class services including but not limited to: instructor mentoring, response to emails, private tutoring, online mock exams, document download, handouts, syllabus, textbooks, or any other requests for services out-of-class.

  6. Tutoring Extension registration only extends tutoring expiration time. 

  7. Power to laptops maybe provided as a courtesy only and not part of class registration

  8. Wifi access maybe provided as a courtesy only and not part of class registration

  9. ALL requests for special discounts or rebates must be approved prior to payment and registration.

  10. If you somehow attend a class without payment, you will be invoiced for the class.

  11. $25 per month late fee will be accrued for each month of payment delay after class date.

  12. Receiving handouts requires full class payment.

  13. Early departure or partial class attendance requires full class payment.

  14. Registration on-line is required prior to arrival at class. Please DO NOT show up to class without a registration, there may not be a seat or handout for you, you may also be asked to leave.

  15. 'Sitting In' or auditing qualifies as class attendance and requires full payment for each attendee.

  16. Students are granted one seat in each registered class. Family members, minors or companions, pets or other individuals not qualifying as exam candidates are not permitted in class.

  17. Name change on original registration is permitted prior to start date of first class of the registration. Please notify us by email at registrar@funkaarinstitute.com with the name, address, email address of the actual attendee. The attendee will be required to submit an email agreement to our policies.

  18. Registrations can not be split between several persons. The same person must attend the entire registration duration.

  19. If you have an outstanding balance with us, new or future registration funds will automatically be applied towards this outstanding balance. Remainder will be available to use toward the future registrations.

  20. Tutoring registrations are valid for 4-MONTHS from date of purchase. Partially used or unused tutoring sessions will expire at this time.

  21. Employees, agents, or volunteer leaders of the following affiliate organizations are NOT permitted into class: 
    a) National Council of Architecture Registration Board

    b) National Architectural Accreditation Board
    c) American Institute of Architects
    d) American Institute of Architecture Students
    e) US Licensed Architects
    f) Competitors or Licensing exam preparation providors.


  1. A PayPal payment receipt is emailed to the address you provide at time of registration. This is your ONLY proof of payment.

  2. If you didn't receive one, its likely you didn't complete the registration process. It is the your responsibility to carry this to each class.  Arriving without a receipt disrupts class, as we have to take class time to resolve your registration.

  3. If you come to class without proof of payment, you may be asked to leave or make a cash payment. Any signs of anger/attitude/improper conduct (such as slamming cash down on the table) will result in dismissal from classes indefinitely.

  4. If you believe you have paid but have no proof of payment, we may ask you to pay in class if we cannot locate your registration. Duplicate registrations are always refunded as we are a fair company.

  5. Student must present a state issued driver's license or a passport prior to entry into class.

  6. Students must sign another agreement to policies at check-in prior to class entry.


  1. Architect Ready or ReadyFast individual Division  registration cancellation for three or less exam divisions is  subject to all of the following:

    • $110 cancellation fee for Codes & Regulations plus full tuition for classes attended.

    • $110 cancellation fee for Construction & Evaluation plus full tuition for classes attended.

    • $110 cancellation fee for Practice Management plus full tuition for classes attended.

    • $110 cancellation fee for Project Management plus full tuition for classes attended.

    • $110 cancellation fee for Programming & Analysis plus full tuition for classes attended.

    • $220 cancellation fee for Project Planning & Design (PPD) plus full tuition for classes attended.

    • $220 cancellation fee for Project Development & Documentation (PDD) plus full tuition for classes attended.

    •  $400 cancellation fee for PPD + PDD combined registration plus full tuition for classes attended.

  2. Architect Ready Full Course or ReadyFast Full Course or any registration for more than three exam divisions is subject to all of the following:

    • $400 cancellation fee

    • Tuition equivalent to corresponding Individual Division registration is charged for classes attended.

  3. Architect iReady individual Division registration cancellation is  subject to all of the following:

    • $400 cancellation fee per division

    • Pro-rated Tuition for classes attended based on tuition rates at time of refund request.

    • $30 per mock exam submitted for grading.

  4. Tutoring registration for 7-hrs or less is subject to all of the following:

    • $250 cancellation fee

    • $250 per hour for tutoring hours attended/forfeited. 

    • $30 per mock exam submitted for grading.

  5. Tutoring registration for more than 7-hrs of tutoring is subject to all of the following:

    • $400 cancellation fee

    • $250 per hour for tutoring hours attended/forfeited. 

    • $30 per mock exam submitted for grading.

  6. Tutoring extension fee to extend tutoring expiration is not refundable. Tutoring Extension registration only extends tutoring expiration time. An extended tutoring is considered non-refundable

  7. ALL registration cancellation requests must be made by email 14-DAYS prior to class or tutoring date and within 60-DAYS of initial registration date as listed on payment receipt.

  8. Each tutoring rescheduling request must be made by email 3-DAYS prior to scheduled tutoring date.

  9. For multipart sessions, requests must be made 14-DAYS prior to Part 1. Discount is not offered for partial attendance.

  10. To qualify for a full course or full term discount, registration for remaining sessions must be processed within 7-DAYS of first class date for the course. Incremental registrations for individual sessions throughout the course do not qualify for full course discount.

  11. You must notify Funkaar by email at registrar@funkaarinstitute.com for all refund or change requests.

  12. There is no refund due to a last minute emergency or cancellation on class date or after the class date regardless of attendance, after receiving class handouts, early departure from class or late arrival to class. 

  13. A charge-back or conversion claim after receiving tangible goods and non-tangible services may be subject to legal action or claim on a credit report.

  14. Funkaar Institute does not guarantee passing of exams. Refunds for failure of exams after class are not provided.


  1. Ready Course transfer of registration request are reviewed if a student cannot attend class due to a last minute qualifying emergency on class day ONLY. Student must provide a proof of emergency as listed below for Funkaar review:

    a) Proof of Emergency Illness: Doctor's note stating student's physical inability to attend class as an emergency effecting class date. 

    b) Proof of Accident: Police report. Funeral note.

  2. Below are examples of items that do not qualify as a valid emergency per our policies:
    a) Lack of childcare or care for another or pet care.
    b) Missing a bus or train or transportation interruptions such as car failure or flight delay

    c) Work conflicts or work related deadlines.
    d) Non-emergency military assignments.
    e) Non-emergency pregnancy matters.

  3. All Proof of Emergency items must notate class date, student's full name, name, contact information of authority and signatures of authority. 

  4. Proof of emergency must be provided within 7-DAYS after missed class date.

  5. Submission of proof does not automatically grant request for transfer. All submissions are subject to Funkaar review.

  6. There is no refund due to a last minute emergency.

  7. Transfer is applied as dollar value funds towards future classes available for transfer. Please notify us by email at registrar@funkaarinstitute.com.

  8. Transfer requests are not considered for courses that are not available for transfer or are listed as upcoming or tentative. 

  9. Once your request is approved, we will send you a Proof of Transfer by email. Please bring this to class with you. A valid Proof of Transfer must contain the class code for which the transfer funds are applied.

  10. Transfer requests are processed once a class reaches 30% capacity. No transfers are permitted into a course prior to this. 

  11. All transfers are limited by seat availability. Transfer is not allowed into divisions that are full or have no more seats available.

  12. Partial transfer for part of class or multipart sessions is not permitted.

  13. Transferred registrations or funds are not eligible for a refund.

  14. Only ONE transfer is permitted per registration. Transfer due to multiple emergencies/reasons or same repeated emergency/reasons is not permitted for the same registration or same student.

  15. Transfers must be attended by the original designated registrant. Transfer funds cannot be transferred to another person.

  16. Transfer funds are not automatically applied to a future course. Student must contact Funkaar PRIOR to expiration date of transfer funds to apply the funds.

  17. If you choose to transfer, you have to accommodate our course location and schedule. ("I thought you were going to offer it again next term"... is not a valid excuse for missing a transfer)

  18. If we are not offering a future course in your area, you must attend a course in another location.

  19. It is the student's sole responsibility to look up class schedule on the Funkaar website for transfer options. Funkaar will not send expiration warnings or automatically apply transfer funds with a written request.

  20. Obtaining handouts for transferred courses will forfeit transfer funds regardless of attendance duration.

  21. All transfers expire in ONE-YEAR from original registration date.

  22. Courtesy extension to transfer funds beyond expiration date is not granted regardless of reason.


  1. Funkaar Institute holds the right to cancel or reschedule any class due to low registration, instructor emergency or other unforeseeable events.

  2. Students should provide accurate email and cell phone number at time of registration so you can be reached in the rare event of last minute class delays.

  3. Students should check email and website for course updates prior to travel to class.

  4. Students can email registrar@funkaarinstitute.com with a written refund request for rescheduled classes free of any fees as long as such request is made 14-days prior to new date.

  5. Cancelled classes are automatically refunded back to student credit card. 

  6. Funkaar Institute is not responsible for personnel expenses such as exam rescheduling fee, costs of travel, hotel, scheduling conflicts or other personal issues caused by class cancellations. We can simply refund the canceled class tuition paid for that class day.

  7. By registering online, student agrees not to hold Funkaar Institute liable for personal expenses and schedules in relation to class cancellation. Students paying for travel expenses in relation to classes hold full and sole responsibility for such expenses or schedules in the event of class cancellation.

  8. Technical Equipment failure is not considered a reason for class cancellation. In the event of instructor equipment failure such as projector or computer, instruction will continue on chalk or white board. This includes instruction on software based graphic vignettes.

  9. For multi-part sessions where a single part is canceled, you will be refunded pro-rated tuition based on number of class hours canceled (ie Part 1 attended and Part 2 canceled means we would refund Part 2 ONLY not the previously attended part)

  10. If tutoring is canceled by Funkaar Institute, refunds are pro-rated for any unused portion of registered hours. Refund is not provided for tutoring already held. 


  1. Online Tutoring or iReady classes are taught live online using GotoMeeting as distant learning platform.

  2. Students are required to ensure personal electronic devices meet GotoMeeting System Requirements prior to registration for payment.

  3. Online Tutoring and iReady classes content is confidential and can not be posted, reformatted, sold or distributed to others. Digital recording of tutoring sessions is NOT permitted. Digital recording includes screenshots, still images, audio recording, video recording, or any other form of digital capture.

  4. Tutoring must be attended ONLY by the registered individual. Other persons can not 'sit-in' or observe on the distant learning session.

  5. Upon login students must input their full legal name when prompted by GotoMeeting. Student name must appear on the attendee list.

  6. The instructor will only instruct on material pertaining directly to the exam. Instructor can not advise on matters unrelated to exam preparation.

  7. Students may send a list of questions or focus areas by email to registrar@funkaarinstitute.com at least 5-DAYS prior to tutoring so that the instructor is prepared to address such a list effectively.

  8. During tutoring, student will be able to ask questions and converse with the instructor as they annotate on the online screen. 

  9. Tutoring sessions require a 72-hr written rescheduling notification prior to tutoring date. Sessions without 72-hr notification will be forfeited and cannot be rescheduled regardless of reason. All of the sessions must be held within 4-months measured from registration date.

  10. Absolutely no class materials are mailed or emailed as part of this registration. Per our policies, the registration is for instructional time only.

  11. Exam content consultation by phone is not provided prior to or after tutoring. 

  12. iReady classes do not include private tutoring.


  1. Online Mock Exam purchase is non-refundable.

  2. Each exam purchase permits 2-TRIES to take the same batch of questions within 7-DAYS from purchase. Student must ensure stable internet connection before starting an exam. Additional tries are not granted due to lost internet connection.

  3. Customer must check system requirements and obtain gmail account prior to payment.

  4. LOGIN + KEY to access exam is sent by email within 24-hours after registration. 

  5. All individual mock exam registrations expire 7-DAYS after payment regardless of use.

  6. All mock exam bundled registrations expire 120-DAYS after payment regardless of use.

  7. Any used mocks or tries are forfeit upon expiration.

  8. Exam must be completed prior to viewing of the score.

  9. You cannot return to the exam after grading.

  10. Explanation is provided for most incorrect responses only. Answer explanation is not provided for correct responses.

  11. Funkaar will not provide email clarification to mock exam questions. 

  12. Mock Exams are not intended to be instructional or replace classes. They are considered a supplement to exam preparation. 

  13. Mock exams are not awarded as a courtesy but may be awarded for student evaluation completion as directed on our website. Evaluation approvals are based on sole review and discretion of the registrar.  

  14. Mock exams may not be included as part of any course registration.


  1. Every registered student will receive only one hard copy of each exam division syllabus as part of class registration. Duplicate syllabus or multiple copies are not provided regardless of reason.

  2. Other courtesy giveaway such as booklets, educational utensils, pencil cases, etc are not included with course registration. These maybe distributed on a first come basis while supplies last.

  3. For Architect Ready or ReadyFast, a syllabus for each exam division is provided at time of class for a specific division only. Syllabus for exam division not being covered are not provided regardless of registration.

  4. Handouts are intended to be course companions and are not meant to be deciphered independently of class.

  5. Only the registered student must be physically present and sign-in to class with the instructor or TA in order to receive a handout for the class.  Syllabus are not provided to family members or friends.

  6. Syllabus are not provided prior to class for any reason regardless of registration.

  7. Your signature of attendance confirms receipt of handouts.

  8. Funkaar Institute does not email or mail handouts for missed class days regardless of registration.

  9. Funkaar does not provide syllabus for previously missed or future classes on other class days regardless of registration. 

  10. Missing a registered class forfeits student right to a syllabus for that class.

  11. Syllabi are not provided prior to class day for any division. 

  12. Replacement syllabi during or after class  are not provided for outdated, lost, damaged, or any other reason.

  13. Funkaar Institute does not provide bulk or multiple syllabi at one time for the entire course or multiple classes regardless of registration. 

  14. Syllabi are not available for individual purchase and do not hold a monitary value alone.

  15. Funkaar does not give complimentary syllabi for cancelled or unregistered classes.

  16. Syllabi are provided as a supplement to the lecture and are considered a lecture companion or outline of topics to help prepare for an individual exam division. Students are expected to take personal notes during lecture to reinforce the information delivered by the instructor. Syllabi are not considered reading material or a replacement for lecture or text books recommended for the class.

  17. Students are not provided transcript of lecture or summary of lecture notes after class.

  18. Copies of instructor personal notes or annotations on the whiteboard will not be provided to the students. 

  19. Certain recommend documents may be available for student download as courtesy supplemental information. Such downloadable documents are not included with any course registration. Students have access to downloadable documents for up to 30 days after class. No extensions are provided. Downloadable documents hold no monitary value.


  1. Syllabus Upgrade orders are limited to former Funkaar students verifiable by Funkaar. New or prospective students can not request a syllabus upgrade.

  2. Funkaar does NOT ship internationally. US postal mail 3-5 day shipping is included with this order. Customers can include a FedEx shipping number for faster delivery. Orders are shipped within 48-hours of payment.


  4. Syllabus Approximate Size: 8.5in x 11in hard copy. 

  5. Electronic version of the syllabus are NOT included with this order.

  6. Syllabus Approximate Page Count: Varies per syllabus.

  7. Syllabus is an outline of Funkaar classroom lecture content. It is intended to serve as a lecture companion.

  8. Syllabus does NOT replace a textbook and does not contain reading material.


  1. Funkaar educational standards, tutoring content, lecture content, syllabus, student work, vignette grading, online mock exams, downloadable documents, and class assignments are confidential and the sole copyright of Funkaar Institute.

  2. Students are prohibited from selling, display, sharing, distribution, plagiarism, posting, duplication of class content or Funkaar copyrighted documents in part or whole to any persons or entities including email distribution of notes on exam content taken during class.

  3. Photographs, screenshots, audio and video recording of class content is strictly prohibited. Violators will be dismissed from class without warning.

  4. Students must not to solicit electronic versions of class content from other students.

  5. Electronic distribution is particularly vulnerable to mass distribution. For this reason, Funkaar prohibits scanning and emailing of class notes and content. Digital course content distribution can jeopardize Funkaar's specialty education business of exam preparation and lead to substantial loss in income.

  6. Students must not display class notes in office library where they may be shared by other exam candidates.

  7. Funkaar Institute reserves the right to record any class using any medium for student attendance verification or advertising purposes.

  8. Specifically, Students must not distribute Funkaar material to persons associated with the following entities deemed collateral competitors:
    (a) American Institute of Architects (AIA)
    (b) National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) 
    (c) National Council of Architect Registration Boards (NCARB)
    (d) Any US State Architect licensing board of examiners (such as California Architect’s Board)
    (e) American Institute of Architectural Students (AIAS)
    (f) Any US licensed Architect
    (g) Any exam preparation provider

  9. ​This nondisclosure clause shall be binding irrespective of the duration of the Student agreement with Funkaar. Student nondisclosure obligations shall survive the termination of the Student agreement irrespective of the reason of termination.


  1. Architect Ready or ReadyFast Course is taught as formal Information Based Learning. This instructional method is used to engaging student senses through hearing, seeing and note-taking to process information output from the instructor. ​Information based instruction applies accepted industry standards, building codes, and regulations. This lecture type does not include instructor personal opinion and can not be applied to actual real-life experience but is considered book-knowledge required for licensing preparation.

  2. Although, instruction includes situational scenarios, Funkaar instructors can not offer avise or opinion on actual project situations.

  3. Classes are typically held on college campus classrooms but may be periodically held in conference rooms in other facility types. 

  4. Technical Presentation equipment use such as projectors or computers is considered optional and is left to the instructor's discretion as a supplemental instructional tool. Instructors may opt to simple annotate on a chalk or white board. Copies of instructor personal notes may not be provided to the students.

  5.  Textbook recitation is not part of our classes. Textbooks are used for home study. The instructor will not recite the textbooks during class.​ 

  6. Collaborative Learning with short question/answer periods is distributed throughout lecture. Funkaar classes do not include colloquial learning, critique, lengthy debate or discussion on any single topic. But address a broad topic quantity as required for exam preparation

  7. Funkaar instruction, mock exams, and vignette grading utilizes scenario or Situational Based Learning.  Simulations put learners into seemingly real situations where they can make decisions and analyze the impact of design decisions.  This involves individual student analysis of a real-life situation dealing with key professional issues, roles and timelines with the scenario parameters.

  8. Online Tutoring and iReady Course are held as Real-Time Distant Learning through remote instruction or online classes with a live instructor at a set class time.

  9.  In order to ensure updated exam content, Funkaar does not offer self-paced learning due to its nature for becoming outdated quickly. We update our lectures quarterly and at times monthly as needed to ensure current up-to-date content delivery.


  1. By registering online, students agree not to hold Funkaar Institute liable for personal property, injury, expenses and schedules in relation to class attendance or registration.

  2. Funkaar Institute is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items in relation to class attendance or registration.

  3. It is the attendees responsibility to secure personal laptops, bags, class notes, handouts, etc.

  4. Funkaar Institute is not responsible for securing or safe guarding items left in class.

  5. Funkaar Institute in not responsible for personal injury while attending or in relation to our classes. Students are required to carry health insurance.

  6. Power for personal laptops maybe provided through US standard wall outlets in some classroom. Please ensure your computer is designed to handle standard US voltage prior to plug-in.

  7. Funkaar Institute is not responsible for personal laptop loss of power or operation. The Instructor will continue lecture if power to laptops in not available due to unforeseen conditions. You are expected to take notes if you cannot power your laptop. Attendees are not granted refund or repeat class due to loss of power.

  8. Funkaar Institute holds no responsibility for exam availability or exam fees or exam change fees as administered by a third party (NCARB, Prometric, USGBC, GBCI). We simply recommend a testing schedule. It is the student's responsibility to confirm exam availability and errors in schedule prior to exam registration.

  9. Students must email Funkaar with attempt to resolve a dispute prior to filing dispute resolution with third party like Paypal and credit card companies. Opening a Paypal dispute case or filing any other form of claim will immediately result in being barred from all future Funkaar services regardless of Paypal decision on such case. Funkaar reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with pending claim, open case, or pending litigation against Funkaar.

  10. Claim resulting in reversal of tuition by student's credit card company or Paypal for services or goods received will lead to dismissal and barring from future services.  Such reversals will incur a minimum of $200 claim processing fees and additional late fees due to non-payment until resolved.

  11. All claims, demands, disputes, legal notices, warnings, binding or non-binding resolutions and all legal actions are required to be filed by certified mail with Funkaar Institute, Inc. headquarters at 315 12th Street, Sacramento, Ca. All binding and non-binding resolution including court proceedings, litigation or  related filing must occur in Sacramento County, CA. Binding method shall be Litigation. 

  12. Student live signature prior to class entry serves as legal proof of receipt of non-tangible services and tangible material. Students will be charged with litigation costs incurred on Funkaar Instiute Inc, instructors and agents due to claims.

  13. Funkaar Institute reserves the right to only respond once to duplicate or repeated identical requests. Exhaustive or duplicate emails will not be addressed.

  14. Funkaar Institute does not provide education outside of class. Any responses to questions on class content outside of class is considered complimentary.

  15. Although all attempts are made to present accurate content in class, from time to time errors in instruction may occur by individual instructors as part of class registration.

  16. Individual instructor political or social views does not represent that of Funkaar Institute.

  17. These Terms & Conditions and other agreements related to class registration are between the attendee and Funkaar Studios only.

  18. By registration online, students agree to not hold Funkaar Institute, instructors, consultants, teaching assistants, representatives or agents liable for third party claims.

  19. Funkaar Institute instructors, consultants, teaching assistants, representatives or agents are indemnified against claims filed against the company.

  20. Funkaar Institute offers exam preparation through instruction, tutoring, online mock exams and vignette grading. We do not guarantee a passing result on any exam division with our services alone. Out-of-class preparation time is required by all attendees to sufficiently prepare for licensure. 


Funkaar is dedicated to providing access to education for students with disabilities. We understands that interpretation of reasonable accommodations varies per person. After extensive discussions with the US Department of Justice, review of ADA Guidelines, and consultation with counsel, we have compiled our interpretation of this law. By registering for our classes, you are agreeing to our definition:

  1. Funkaar Institute rents facilities at private and public colleges. All of these facilities are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations for access by disabled students. These include but are not limited to seating area, ramps, routes, elevators, toilets, etc.

  2. Funkaar provides written outline of course content and written live instruction as effective methods of making orally delivered instruction available to individuals with hearing impairments. 

  3. Instruction is written on a whiteboard as effective communication and quantifiable education for all students. This whiteboard is projected during in-person classrooms and shared for view during online private tutoring. Whiteboard notes are not available after class hours. Students must participate in note taking during class.

  4. Online private tutoring contains a chat window allowing hearing impaired students  to effectively communicate during session by typing private messages to the instructor or class wide messages in order to interact with classmates. 

  5. For in-person classes, students are encouraged to communicate during class using written or oral format.

  6. As the ability to read and write English is essential in passing of the licensing exams. Students are expected to be fluent in spoken or written English.

  7. Due to the complexity of instruction and financial resources available annually, Funkaar does not currently provide ASL, foreign language interpreters, and note takers in the classroom. Its essential for students to focus on the written whiteboard instruction for note taking as many engineering terms and complex class content does not translate clearly in ASL or other languages. The cost of such services also far exceed tuition and financial resources available.  Students are permitted to provide their own interpreters and note takers. Students are also encouraged to contact state agencies for financial support in providing of such services.

  8. Reasonable accommodations do not include digital distribution of confidential course content or copyright documents . Students are not provided copy of instructor's handwritten notes.  Students are not permitted to digitally record course content. The outlines of course content are considered sufficient for reasonable accommodations. Digital course content distribution can jeopardize Funkaar's specialty education business of exam preparation and lead to substantial loss in income. We consider such requests unreasonable. 


  1. Funkaar Institute do not share student personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Funkaar.  

  2. Funkaar instructors verify student attendance through direct in-person teacher signature on forms presented by the student or by issuing a Certificate of Completion after student successfully attends all registered class per course or term.


  1. Funkaar Institute reserves the right to refuse service or products to anyone.

  2. We expect professional behavior both in and out of class from our students towards other students and instructors.

  3. Funkaar provides classroom based education. Students are responsible for attendance and participation in their learning process.

  4. Funkaar and its instructors reserve the right to dismiss or cancel current/future registration for those exhibiting disruptive behavior on phone, email, in class or any other communication medium.

  5. Violation of this policy also prohibits access to Funkaar out of class services including but not limited to: instructor mentoring, response to emails, private tutoring, online mock exams, document download, duplicate handouts, vignette grading, textbooks, or any other requests for services out-of-class.

  6. Disruptive behavior during class consists of but is not limited to yelling, swearing, slamming the table, anger, argumentative behavior, continuous lecture interruptions, continuous debates, private conversations, cell phone use, rudeness, threats or anything else the instructor deems disruptive to the learning environment.

  7. Dismissed students do not qualify for a refund for that class day for holding a seat, receiving hard copy of syllabus and partial lecture. .

  8. It is the student's responsibility to carry a Paypal receipt as proof of registration. Any display of anger for failiing to provide proof of payment will result in dismissal from class indefinitely.

  9. Students must leave class peacefully if ordered by the instructor.  Security is always available to remove any disruptive student out of class.

  10. Funkaar holds little patience for disrespectful attitude. Come to class happy and eager to learn!

  11. As part of classroom peace, we ask peaceful students not to interfere if a disciplinary action is being taken towards an unruly student. Let us handle it!

  12. Students are only allowed access to campus facilities during class hours. These include: classroom, toilets, vending machines or cafeteria. Students may not used classrooms after or before hours for study groups or for personal use. Students are not allowed to use Funkaar rental office copiers or computers.

  13. We take threats of defamation of character, slander, posting of copyright material, etc seriously. Students making threats will be immediately barred from Funkaar servies.

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