Classroom Etiquette Policy

We want to make the classroom a focused learning experience for all students. Please observe the following Classroom Etiquette as expected student decorum.

  1. Recording or photos of lecture are not permitted.

  2. Lecture content is confidential and can not be posted or emailed.

  3. Proof of enrollment and Photo identification is required for entry.

  4. Arrive early and ready to learn.

  5. When arriving late, wait for a break in instruction to request course material.

  6. Do not approach instructor's desk during lecture. 

  7. Do not solicit other students for email addresses or lecture notes.

  8. Silence or deactivate your phone upon entry. You may use the phone as a calculator in class. Step outside to take phone calls.

  9. Greet and treat everyone similar to a business environment.

  10. Ask questions suited for a professional environment and in a professional manner.  

  11. Speak only for yourself and avoid asking for exceptions.

  12. Raise your hand when asking questions.

  13. Do not refer to instructor by first name.

  14. Do not plug-in devices or store items near instructor's desk area.

  15. Do not converse or whisper during lecture.

  16. Do not type loudly. Be considerate.

  17. Do not to rearrange furniture or relocate other students.

  18. Only registered students are permitted in class.

  19. Bottled beverages are permitted. Coffee or food are not permitted in class. You may eat in the lobby.

  20. By registering online, you are accepting Funkaar TERMS & CONDITIONS. 

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