iReady Etiquette Policy

We want to make the remote classroom a focused and safe learning experience for all students. Please observe the following Classroom Etiquette as expected student decorum.
  1. You have agreed to abide by our decorum policies upon registration for class.

  2. Recording or photos of lecture are not permitted. State laws deem it illegal to record instruction without the consent of the instructor. We want all students to feel comfortable asking targeted exam questions.

  3. Lecture content is confidential and can not be posted or emailed.

  4. Student full name is required on the attendee roster. Students logged in without a name will be dismissed.

  5. Only registered students are permitted in class. The lecture must not be audited or attended by others.

  6. It's inappropriate to discuss or recommend competing exam prep providers to other students.

  7. Students discussing or suggesting violation of Funkaar policies will be dismisses and barred from further instruction. 

  8. Arrive early and ready to learn.

  9. Instruction will not be repeated due to late arrival or if you walk away from your device. 

  10. Do not solicit other students for email addresses or lecture notes.

  11. Stay muted to avoid background noise. Unmute to ask a question or use the chat window for questions.

  12. Ask questions suited for a professional environment and in a professional manner.  

  13. Speak only for yourself and avoid asking for exceptions.

  14. Do not refer to instructor by first name.

  15. Avoid arguments or repeated rebuttals to instruction.

  16. By registering online, you are accepting Funkaar TERMS & CONDITIONS.