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Live Real Time Online Course Using Zoom Meeting
Offered on a rolling basis all year
Not Pre-Recorded or Videos

​Funkaar Institute live one-on-one private or group online tutoring puts licensing preparation at your fingertips. Designed for busy professionals seeking a private environment or learners needing special focus for highest exam success

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  2. Register for Exam Bundle or by hour.

  3. Minimum 5% non-refundable processing fee is charged for all purchases.

  4. Complete Mandatory Check-In Online.

  5. Login sent after Check-In and Registration

By registering online, you are accepting Funkaar TERMS & CONDITIONS. Many Funkaar services have a 'use-it or loose-it' policy. 


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Personalized CSE Online Tutoring
One-to-One Online Tutoring


California Supplemental Examination | 32-hrs | $9,950

Single Division | 1-hr Online Tutoring | $325

Single Division | 4-hr Online Tutoring | $1275

Single Division | 6-hr Online Tutoring | $1925

Single Division  | 8-hr Online Tutoring | $2,525

Single Division | 10-hr Online Tutoring | $3,150

Single Division | 12-hr Online Tutoring | $3,750

Single Division | 20-hr Online Tutoring | $6,225

Extend Tutoring Expiration | 30-day | $450

Reschedule Tutoring | $150

Codes & Regulations  | 10-hr Online Tutoring | $3,150 

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