because it should take 4-months...not 14-years to pass

Rigorous A.R.E. 5.0 Education
Exam content changes weekly.
Online videos are obsolete and unreliable.

If you are working from home during the pandemic, our remote live course option is ideal for the current social distancing needs. Live instruction guarantees up-to-date exam content. Videos are ideal for many applications but not for the A.R.E., because it changes weekly. A.R.E. video prep becomes out-dated in one week even if it is certified. That is why live education is the ONLY proven method for accurate, completely current A.R.E. preparation. Architect iReady Remote Courses are continually updated. For this reason, Funkaar is the largest program in the nation. We have taught the most famous architects in the world, the largest firms in the nation, Ivy League professors, the US Navy, and many other agencies. Our passion for promoting aspiring architects and advocating for exam candidates, leads us to  provide the highest education standards with the highest pass rates for the A.R.E in the world.  We do not partner with or trust entities that collect revenue from repeated candidate failure. In short, we lookout for your best interest and only foster partnerships that promote this goal.


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