Valid for one 2-hr iReady Course session using GotoMeeting Platform.
Includes instruction on partial multiple choice for any one exam division.

Registration is valid for 4-Months from purchase.
Use it or loose it. Unused tutoring will be forfeited after this time.

  • By registering online, you are agreeing to Funkaar Terms & Conditions.
  • Students are expected to observe Class Etiquette.
  • Distant Learning content is confidential and can not be posted, sold or distributed to others. 
  • Class must be attended ONLY by the registered individual. Other persons can not 'sit-in' on the private tutoring session.
  • Absolutely no class materials are mailed or emailed as part of this registration. Per our policies, the registration is for instructional time only.
  • One 5-minute break during each class may include discussion on Funkaar products, licensing related policies, student surveys, and instructor evaluation.
  • Course registration does not include out-of-class services, handouts, mock exams, exam fees, private tutoring or textbooks.
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because it should take 4-months...not 14-years to pass

"A vital course not just for A.R.E. prep but for my career." 

New York Ready Course Student